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The minimum price starts at 80 €. Our prices vary according to the size of the project, the style, the complexity, the location and its possible colors.

Each tattoo is subject to a quote. For tattoos requiring several sessions, the flat rate is € 400 per session (4 to 5 hours of tattooing).

No appointment will be given without a deposit (up to 30 € minimum and more if large part.) These will obviously be deducted from the price of the tattoo during the last session.

In the event of cancellation or postponement less than 48 hours before the date scheduled for the appointment, your deposit is forfeited.

For an efficient management of your tattoo project, please indicate the following details in your message:

  • reason or theme to be addressed

  • size (in cm) and location on the body

  • maximum budget not to be exceeded

  • image references (illustrations, photos, sketches, text ...)

  • desired period, days available

  • choice of tattoo artist if you have a specific preference and style.

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Opening hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Tuesday-saturday: 11am - 7pm

TRAM access

Access by tram:

Tramway line 1

Camas stop

Car park:

Jean Jaurès



77 Boulevard Chave

13005 Marseilles

Phone: 09 73 65 21 51

Thank you for your message!

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