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The healing period is an essential phase just as important as the tattoo session. For an optimal result of your tattoo, please follow our instructions.  



Do not drink alcohol or use drugs. Do not take medication that liquefies the blood (ibuprofen, aspirin). Avoid anesthetic ointments (of the Emla type). Come rested and have eaten well.

Please let us know if you are a minor, pregnant or breastfeeding, subject to blood clotting problems or taking an anticoagulant, and / or healing problems (diabetic, immunocompromised ...)

BETWEEN 2 AM AND 6 AM after the session


Remove the plastic wrap and in a lukewarm shower, clean your tattoo using neutral PH soap. With the palm of your hand, remove the residue of blood, lymph and ink.

Wipe gently by dabbing with a tissue or paper towel (not a terry towel).

Let the tattoo "drain" for 24 hours. During this period you must continue to regularly clean your tattoo with soap and avoid any rubbing.


Finally, at the end of these past 24 hours, start applying the healing cream in a thin layer and making it penetrate well.

From our experience, we advise you:

TIGER SPIT BALM, 100% natural and vegan healing balm (On sale on site.)

CICAPLAST Baume B5, La Roche Posay Laboratory

CICATRYL Ointment sachet-dose, Pierre Fabre

The Salon specializes in traditional American and Japanese as well as black and gray, but each of our artists can create a personalized pattern that will suit your project.

For this you can choose the artist who suits you by leafing through his book .

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